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Cleaning & Vacuumed

Top performance for cleanliness and value
When it comes to quality and technology, we are the leading provider of cleaning systems, cleaning products and services for leisure, households, trade and industry worldwide. Our customers benefit enormously from using our effective, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning products. We make a noticeable difference in the lives of our customers by providing effective, efficient solutions for everyday cleaning and watering tasks all over the world. We have highly satisfied and enthusiastic customers!

Cold water high-pressure cleaners
Clean machines, vehicles and buildings daily: with pressure and high capacity cold water pressure washers can also remove heavy dirt. Ideal for large surface areas.

  • Super class: 180-250 BAR
  • Middle class: 160-200 BAR
  • Compact class: 120-170 BAR
  • Special class: 100-150 BAR
  • Combustion engine: up to 500 BAR

Hot water high-pressure cleaners
With hot water, high-pressure cleaners clean even better with the same amount of pressure, Kärcher machines impress with the highest level of usage comfort and the most up-to-date technology.

  • Super class: 180-200 BAR
  • Middle class: 120-200 BAR
  • Compact class: 120-170 BAR
  • Upright class: 110-150 BAR
  • Special class: 160 BAR
  • Combustion engine: 140-200 BAR
  • HDS Trailer: 200-500 BAR

Ultra-high pressure cleaning systems
When the stripping performance of conventional high-pressure cleaners is no longer enough then the Kärcher ultra high pressure cleaners come into play. With hot or cold water, at a pressure of 600 – 2,500 bar they can reliably remove the the most stubborn dirt and coatings without the need for any detergents.

  • Cold water cage machines: 350-500 BAR

Kärcher stationary high-pressure cleaners are suitable wherever it is necessary to clean and disinfect several areas in a space-saving manner.

  • Cold water stationaty: 120-180 bar
  • Hot water stationary: 140-160 bar

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners
Indispensable: wet and dry vacuum cleaners cope with every kind of dirt. Whether dry, damp, or wet, the right machine from Kärcher will clean simply anything.

  • Tact class
  • Ap class
  • Standard class
  • Safety vacuum systems
  • Special vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuums
High suction power for all requirements: with the right accessories, Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners even pick up liquids and combustible dusts in industry.

  • Vacuums for heavy-duty use
  • Middle class
  • Compact industrial vacuums
  • Ex vacuums
  • Compact vacuums
  • Liquid and swarf vacuum

Sweepers and vacuum sweepers walk-behind
For courtyards, paths, workshops and halls. For caretakers, tradesmen, contract cleaners and industry. Walk-behind sweepers and sweeper vacuums are ergonomic and easy to use. They sweep thoroughly with low dust development – even in corners. Machines with traction drive are ideal from 300 m².

Vacuum sweepers ride-on
Economical, clean and efficient on medium-sized and large areas: thanks to the wide range of machines, Kärcher sweeper vacuums meet all requirements. Special importance is always attached to the latest, customer-oriented technology as well as easy handling, access and service.

Municipal sweepers
For professional continuous use on large cars parks, exhibition grounds and industrial areas. Advanced and efficient Kärcher technology ensures reliable results.

Municipal implement carrier
Suitable for numerous uses all year round.

Park & City Solutions
Just as powerful, yet zero-emission and considerably quieter than their petrol-powered counterparts: the Kärcher Park & City Solutions range.

Parts cleaning
Parts cleaning – environmentally friendly due to water-based cleaning agents. Ideal for removing grease and oil: Kärcher parts cleaners clean tools, engine components and other single parts in an environmentally-friendly manner without solvents.

Scrubber driers
Even the crevices sparkle. Using high contact pressure, scrubbers can clean, strip and polish both uneven and smooth floors or shampoo carpets.

  • Walk-behind scrubber driers
  • Step-on scrubber driers
  • Ride-on scrubber driers

Single-disc machines
Whether on hard surfaces or textile floor coverings: at Kärcher you are guaranteed to find the right single disc machine. We stock machines for all specialised and all-round uses.

Polishing machines
When shoes leave marks: Kärcher polishing machines make floors shine again. Being battery powered, they can also be used during normal business hours.

Mobile pressure washers:

The Nilfisk family of mobile high-pressure washers can cope with the toughest of cleaning situations. You can trust them to do the job in a wide range of settings including agriculture, automotive, building & construction, rental, food industry and manufacturing & warehousing.

  • Mobile cold water pressure washers: from 100 to180 BAR
  • Mobile hot water pressure washers: from 110 to 180 BAR

Industrial vacuum cleaners:

  • Single-phase wet & dry.
  • Explosion-proof.
  • Hazardous dust.
  • Three-phase wet & dry.
  • Health and safety wet & dry.
  • Oil and shaving.
  • Food, pharma and OEM.
  • Packaging and trims.
  • Compressed air.
  • Pneumatic conveyors.

Scrubber dryers:

  • Walk-behind scrubber and dryers
  • Stand-on/ride-on scrubber/dryers


  • Manual sweepers
  • Walk-behind sweepers
  • Ride-on sweepers

Combination machines:

Professional detergents & dispensers:

  • Industry detergents
  • Vehicle detergents
  • Floorcare detergents
  • Surface detergents
  • Textile detergents
  • Disinfectants
  • Care & maintenance


Milling, drilling and grinding generate metal chips which may affect the operations. Chips on the floor are safety risks. Oil mist in the air cause health problems. Slippery floors increases the costs for cleaning.

Nederman systems keep machines and premises free from scraps and our NOM Oil mist filters purify the air from dangerous oil drops. Our solutions also include systems for swarf handling and processing, coolant filtration and oil/water separation. The effects are prolonged life of coolant, decreased costs for swarf handling, and higher prices for scraps.

  • Nederman systems and solutions:
  • Swarf handling, transportation/conveying
  • Cutting oil and coolant filtration/purification
  • Chip crushing and briquetting
  • Oil mist filtration
  • Machine and general cleaning
  • Welding fume extraction and filtration
  • Extraction of dangerous fumes and solvents

Food/Pharma industries.
The hygienic demands in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries are very high. Equipment must be easy to clean and withstand detergents and chemical substances. Since explosive risks often occur where ingredients are handled, the equipment must meet the ATEX directives.
Nederman offers a range of filters, arms and reels that are designed to meet the highest demands on hygiene as well as the ATEX standards. An installation can include cleaning systems to keep premises clean and free from potentially explosive dust.

Nederman systems and solutions:

  • EX extraction arms and filter systems for explosive dust and particles.
  • EX approved hose reels in stainless steel and conductive materials.
  • Industrial cleaning systems including EX approved mobile vacuum cleaners.


Box blade with angular motion and hydraulic lateral fall. Exclusively installed in the frontal tractor.


Wide range of RODA® Sweepers, high-quality and versatility for a huge variety of agricultural works, public and community works and green spaces. Adaptable to micro-tractors, standard tractors, loaders, mini-loaders, industrial loaders, trucks… with an endless number of options allowing a great diversity of functions.


  • Fire Extinction modules, ideal for 4WD, Pick-up, mini-truck, truck…
  • Tank: stainless, fiberglass. Capacity: 200, 400, 600, 800, 1.000, 1.500, 2.000, 2.500, 3.000 liters.
  • Engine: gasoline, diesel, hydraulic operation.
  • Pump: from 20 to 300 l/min.
  • Pressure: from 0 to 150 bar.