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Electric Power Generation


MOSA GE series are a super silenced diesel generating set with a common-rail engines with electronic governor and closed crankcase ventilation. The machine construction incorporates an integral roll bar, two central lifting points, forklift pockets and rear canopy section that is hinged to provide full access to the engine for maintenance. The bunded base must ensure the containment of fluids in the engine and fuel tank in the event of any loss, to prevent their dispersion in the environment. AVR control ensures very stable power for equipment including sensitive electronics, computers, power tools etc. The control panel houses the sockets and machine controls including circuit breaker and engine protection device.

EAS models are pre-wired to accept the optional MOSA EAS Automatic Start-Up Panel which plugs into the front panel of the Generator and enables the machine to be used as an emergency standby power unit in the event of power failure from the mains supply. Also available is an optional TCM remote control allowing start/stop of the engine. Suitable for a wide range of uses including industrial sites, residential, construction, noise sensitive environments and emergency standby power. In according with CE regulation.

Standby power: from 2.2 to 455 KVA.


The principles of design and attentive construction typical of MOSA products can easily be seen in MOSA lighting towers, designed and manufactured in order to facilitate easy handling in all conditions and to ensure reliability and durability during operation.

Among the main product features is the superior protection of the telescopic mast, a MOSA exclusive, at one of the tower’s most exposed points shielding it from the elements, construction site debris, dust and leaves. This attention to detail can also be seen in the rounded edges of the canopy designed for rainwater drainage away from the control panel.

  • Versions of lighting tower with and without generator.
  • Lighting towers from 4 to 6 halogen lamps 400, 1.000 or 1.500W.
  • LED version with 4 lamps of 250W.

Electric Power Generation.

MTU’s products in the decentralized energy sector are the culmination of many years of experience in Power Generation applications. By providing precise and expert advice during project realization and order implementation, we help you to meet your targets economically, reliably and on schedule.

Our range of electric power generation products includes:

  • Diesel engines for standby, base-load and peak-load gensets.
  • Diesel engines for stationary industrial applications

MTU Onsite Energy can provide the additional benefit of planning, producing and operating everything from single gensets to entire power generating stations.

  • Gensets for standby, base-load and peak-load stations.
  • Gensets for Emergency, Prime, and Continuous Power.

MTU diesel engines are the core of diesel generator sets by MTU Onsite Energy, available for emergency power, prime power, and continuous power supply.

For more information about MTU Onsite Energy system solutions with diesel and gas technology.


  • Quality standards and first class components are recognized values of our products
  • Internal development and production carried out under a global criterion
  • Experienced and competent engineering for individual solutions
  • Flexible and easy to expand modular construction
  • Control panel with different integrated configurations
  • Extremely low noise level and vibration values
  • The best fuel consumption values
  • Advanced engine and generator set control system.

Standby power: from 33 to 4500 KVA

Pramac is a young and dynamic company that is founded on a solid historical basis, but that leverages its versatility and flexibility to produce innovation and competitiveness. Values that are the basis of this dynamic entrepreneurial reality are the constant desire for growth and renewal, the culture of quality and respect for the environment, attention to customer satisfaction.

Professional Range:
PRAMAC portable division meets the needs of both professional and amateur users, offering a wide product range: from electric generator sets to water pumps, from pressure washers to welder generators. Quality, efficiency and high product standards are achieved through the use of modern design and manufacturing techniques, exceeding international regulations for noise and environmental pollution.

Generators E series:
Light compact generators with a basic configuration and very easy to transport: the best balance between price and performance for the professional use. Motors, petrol and diesel.
Standby power: from 2.6 to 8.3 KVA.

Generators ES series:
Compact generators with long run tank and a basic configuration. The perfect economic solution when you need a long lasting professional power supply.
Petrol motors. Standby power: from 2.6 to 8.3 KVA.

Generators PX series
Simple portable generator. Designed to offer a reliable and powerful machine at anattractive price. Petrol motor
Standby power: from 2.8 to 6.0 KVA.

Generators LP Series
Price affordable solution maximizing portability and ease of use, the LP is a liquid propane-fueled portable generator suitable for plenty of applications such as market walking, camping, worksite and home emergency power.
Standby power: 3.3 KVA.

Generators S-SP Series
Premium professional machine with high quality components, these multiconfiguration generators are equipped with digital display and a complete sockets set, giving you the possibility of adding differential or isolated protection to ensure your safety at work.
Standby power: from 3.4 to 13.9 KVA.

Generators S Series
Designed to ensure safety and reliability even in the most delicate situations, this range offers a robust package with a modern and economical fuel efficient diesel engine, showing the excellence of PRAMAC’s professional equipment.
Standby power: from 3.2 to 15.4 KVA.

Generators P Series
Air-cooled generators engineered to give you the best performance with low noise levels. Available both in diesel and petrol version.
Standby power: from 3.2 to 15.8 KVA.

Generators P Inverter Series
When your target is to provide clean and stable power for sensitive electronics, the P Inverter Series is a top performer: easy to carry, fuel efficient and with low-noise level.
Standby power: from 2.0 to 4.3 KVA.

Generators TG Series
PTO generators are a safe and versatile power source able to generate low cost efficient power for any kind of agricultural use.
Standby power: from 12 to 72 KVA.

Welders generators W Series
Welder generators specifically designed for small repairs, or for more advanced applications. Up to 220A you can use rutile, basic or cellulosic electrode up to 5mm diameter.
Standby power: from 12 to 72 KVA.

Lighting equipment.
If you need to illuminate a concert or a sport event, when you face emergency needs, or you want to supply lighting for construction sites, our range of mobile lighting solutions are ready to shine. PRAMAC offers professional solutions for outdoor needs, such as mobile and towable lighting towers, with site or road trailer and cost-effective lighting solutions, easy to install, transport and store.

Provided with manual or hydraulic lifting, these compact towable lighting towers are equipped with site or road trailer ideal for quick deployment and manoeuvrability. Thanks to their 4 – 1000 watt metal halide lights these towers cover more than 4,000 square meters being your perfect professional solution for outdoor needs, such as road and bridge construction, emergency and disaster relief, general construction, oil and gas work. FLOODLIGHTS: 4×1000 W.

LIGHT Globes
PRAMAC Light Globes are the perfect solution when looking for fast high-powered light: nylon balloons automatically inflating with air in few minutes, easy to use, install and transport. LIT UP AREA: 310 – 1500 – 3000 m2

Stationary generators.
PRAMAC Stationary division covers a wide range of generators up to 3360 kVA able to satisfy many requirements, regardless of the field of activity: industrial, medical, telecommunications or residential applications, among others. Available in open, container and soundproof versions, our stationary generators serve the most demanding customer needs with a range of control panel solutions and many optional features and accessories.

Generators serie GXW 18-45
The GXW Series offers generators both for on-grid and off-grid applications. With a simple design and a standard equipment, these generators are the right choice for those customers wanting a professional product easy to use especially for starting operation tasks. Available only in soundproof version with automatic control panel. Standby power: from 14.5 to 42.5 KVA.

Generators serie GBW 10-45
The GBW Series offers reliable and powerful machines designed for professional use to support electricity mains failure or serve isolated locations. Easy to transport, install and store thanks to their compact dimensions, these generators are ideal for home stand-by, construction sites, mobile workshops and small industrial applications. Available both in open and soundproof version. Standby power: from 9.3 to 48 KVA.

Generators serie GSL 22-65
Single fluid for both cooling and lubrication, the GSL series is one of the best choices to work for continuous duty in severe hot weather conditions such as in tropical areas. Available both in an open and soundproof version, these generating sets are highly appreciated in the telecommunications, construction and defence sectors due to their durability and reliability. All service points accessible from one side make the maintenance easy and fast. Standby power: from 21.5 to 61.0 KVA.

Generators serie GSW 10-225
Available in a large range of models, the GSW series offers plenty of solutions to a variety of applications, from continuous to emergency/back up power supply. Compliant with noise and safety regulations, these generators can be used both in residential and industrial areas. Several control panel solutions, many optional extra’s and accessories make the GSW generators versatile and able to serve the most demanding customer needs. Standby power: from 10 to 220 KVA.

Generators serie GSW 275-830
Available in a large range of models, the GSW series offers plenty of solutions to a variety of applications, from continuous to emergency/back up power supply. Compliant with noise and safety regulations, these generators can be used both in residential and industrial areas. Several control panel solutions, many optional extra’s and accessories make the GSW generators versatile and able to serve the most demanding customer needs. Standby power: from 275 to 831 KVA.

Generators Serie GSW 815-3360
From 815 to 3360kVA, these heavy-duty generating sets are designed forhigh power demands. Regardless of the field of activity, whether it is medical, telecommunications or industrial, the GSW Higher Power Series is your reliable partner to serve your customer’s needs. With a modular layout, these generators meet the requirements of different market areas, enjoying the economic benefits of a standard production. Standby power: from 826 to 3300 KVA.

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