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Electrical Distribution & Protection

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. Our solutions improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of our customers’ operations while minimizing environmental impact. Innovation is at the forefront of what we do and many of the technologies that drive modern society were pioneered by ABB.

Low Voltage Products and Systems.

Products and systems that provide protection, control and measurement for electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics and electromechanical devices for industrial machines, plants and related service. The offering also includes intelligent building control systems, also known as KNX systems, for home and building automation to improve comfort, energy efficiency and security.

Cable distribution cabinets, busbar systems and terminal clamps.

Circuit-breakers and switches:
Air Circuit Breakers, Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, Miniature Circuit Breakers, Manual Motor Starters, monitoring System and Service.

Control Products
Arc Guard Systems, Contactors, Manual Motor Starters, Pilot Devices, Electronic Relays and Controls, Safety products and more.

Main Distribution Boards, Multi Purpose Boxes, Sub Distribution Boards, Consumer Units, Installation Enclosures, Meter Boards, Special Enclosures, Control and Automation Boards, Cable Management Systems.

Industrial Plugs and Sockets.
Adapters, Modular Combination Boxes, Phase Sequence Products and more.

Wiring Accessories.

Capacitors and Filters.

Connection Devices.
Terminal Blocks, Markers and Marking systems, PLC wiring systems, Test blocks.

Design Software.

Enclosed safety switches, switch-disconnectors, switch fuses, cam switches, accessories and service

Switch fuses, fuse switch disconnectors, fuse bases, fuse links and fuse monitors

Intelligent Building Systems.

Circuit breakers:
Miniature Circuit Breakers, Residual Current Breakers, Protection and safety, Command and signalling, Control and automation, Instruments, Measuring devices

Special switch:
Switch-disconnectors, switch fuses, change-over switches, transfer switches, cam switches, accessories and service

Electrification, automation and digitalization are the long-term growth fields of Siemens. In order to take full advantage of the market potential in these fields, our businesses are bundled into nine divisions and healthcare as a separately managed business.

Integrated solutions for electrical power distribution

Our portfolio comprises switch boards, busbar trunking systems, distribution boards, measuring devices, circuit breakers and switch disconnectors, circuit protection, building management systems, switches and socket outlets. Around the world, the consistency, modularity and intelligence of our components and systems offer you numerous advantages – over the entire period of use. Developed according to the respective international standards, we offer trendsetting design and innovative functions in unique quality.

Industrial Controls – SIRIUS

With SIRIUS, we offer you a unique comprehensive portfolio for every industrial control application. The major advantages: With their modular design, our products can be planned and built into a control cabinet in a very simple way. They are especially easy to integrate into distributed systems.

Low voltage motors

Our low voltage motor products cover a performance range from 0.09 to 4000 kW. Advantages of our AC motor systems are many: they are highly efficient with a positive energy balance; they come with explosion protection to meet high safety standards; and they conform to IEC or NEMA standards. The many standard features that come with every Siemens low voltage motor ensure the highest possible cost-effective operation.

High voltage motors

Our high voltage motors are available in virtually any imaginable configuration, and offer power ranges up to over 100 MW. When you select your high voltage motor from our HV motor lineup, you gain considerable flexibility. This includes several cooling systems and degrees of protection as well as suitability for use in aggressive atmospheres and in potentially hazardous areas.

Schneider Electric develops connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. The Group invests in R&D in order to sustain innovation and differentiation, with a strong commitment to sustainable development.

Automation and Control products
Schneider Electric is a leading designer and manufacturer of automation and control solutions. In this area, you’ll find an extensive range of products, from programmable relays through to high performance motion controllers and interface modules. We have the technology capable of controlling simple machines through to complex process control applications across all industrial, infrastructure and building sectors.

Boxes, Cabling & Interfaces – Building Management System – Contactors & Protection Relays – Din rail modular devices – Energy and power digitization – Feeder Automation – Fuse Switches – HMI (terminals and industrial PC) – Industrial & Specialized UPS and Power Conversion – Industrial communication – Interface, Measurement & Control Relays – Measurement and Instrumentation – Motion & Drives – Motor Starters – Network Management Software – PAC, PLC & other Controllers – Panelboards & Switchboards – Power & Energy Monitoring System – Power Circuit breakers & Switches – Power connection and distribution – Power supplies & transformers – Pushbuttons, Switches, Pilot Lights, Control stations & Joysticks – Sensors & RFID system – Signaling Units – Software – Substation Automation Systems – Telemetry & Remote SCADA Systems – Universal Enclosures – Z-Channel

Electrical Distribution
Discover our extensive offers for low voltage electrical distribution.
Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, offers solutions to help customers make energy safer, more reliable, efficient and productive. In this area, you’ll find our extensive collection of electrical products for the distribution, protection, control and management of electrical systems in low voltage environments.Our world-class, time-proven electrical products include circuit breakers, switches, meters, enclosures and switchboards. Our products and solutions are designed and built to help individuals and organisations make the most of their energy.

Building Management System – Busway & Cable Management – Contactors & Protection Relays – Din rail modular devices – Energy and power digitization – Energy Management Services – EVlink charging solutions for electric vehicles – Fuse Switches – Industrial & Specialized UPS and Power Conversion – Industrial plugs and sockets – Installation material – Insulation monitors – Interface, Measurement & Control Relays – Motor Starters – MV Switchgear – Panelboards & Switchboards – Power & Energy Monitoring System – Power Circuit breakers & Switches – Power connection and distribution – Power Quality – Prosumer Microgrid – Pushbuttons, Switches, Pilot Lights, Control stations & Joysticks – Small and medium building services – Software – Systems and architectures – Universal Enclosures

APC has established a reputation over the years for solid products that virtually pay for themselves upon installation. Who has time to spend worrying about system downtime? APC makes it easy for you to focus on business growth instead of business downtime with reliable data center systems and IT solutions.

Residencial y pequeño terciario

  • Domótica
  • Infraestructura de red y conectividad
  • Mecanismos eléctricos / electrónicos
  • Protecciones y Control
  • Seguridad en el hogar
  • Sistema de alimentación ininterrumpida (SAI)
  • Sistema y material de instalación
  • Solar para residencial

SAIs y Soluciones para Centros de Datos y redes

  • Datacenters modulados prefabricados
  • Distribución eléctrica TI
  • Energía crítica y servicios de refrigeración
  • Protección eléctrica y control
  • Racks y accesorios
  • Seguridad y Entorno
  • Sistema de alimentación ininterrumpida (SAI)
  • Soluciones de refrigeración
  • Data Center Software

Eaton is dedicated to ensuring that reliable, efficient and safe power is available when it’s needed most. With unparalleled knowledge of electrical power management across industries, experts at Eaton deliver customized, integrated solutions to solve our customers’ most critical challenges. Our focus is on delivering the right solution for the application. But, decision makers demand more than just innovative proAducts. They turn to Eaton for an unwavering commitment to personal support that makes customer success a top priority.

Automation and Control
Eaton manufactures a full basket of automation and control products, including intelligent wiring solutions, operator interface, programmable logic controllers, pushbuttons and stacklights, relays, sensors and motor control and protection.

Circuit Protection – Breakers
For effective circuit protection, Eaton offers a variety of circuit breakers from which to choose. Browse our selection, including , miniature, molded case and air circuit breakers and vacuum interrupters, to find the right solution for your application.

Circuit Protection – Fuses
Eaton is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Bussmann series fuses and Eaton medium voltage power fuses.

Electrical Distribution
Eaton offers a variety of products from panelboards, busway and switchgear to motor control centers, disconnect switches and more that are designed to reliably, efficiently and safely distribute power to your business.

Electronics Components
Eaton offers a broad range of connectors, magnetics, overvoltage and overcurrent circuit protection devices and supercapacitors.

Harsh and Hazardous Solutions
Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds series products for NEC and IEC applications, includes conduit fittings and cable glands, industrial control and electrical apparatus, enclosures, industrial luminaires (including LED), plugs and receptacles.

Life Safety and Mass Notification
With solutions for life safety, from mains and emergency lighting to fire detection, security and mass notification systems, Eaton has a leading portfolio of technologies designed to save lives and protect property.

Metering, Monitoring and Protection
From the moment power enters your facility to the instant it is used by a process, tenant or equipment, Eaton’s complete family of industry-leading power management products will monitor, analyze, measure and control.

Transformers, Regulators and Grid Automation
Eaton’s Cooper Power series includes a broad range of advanced utility-grade voltage transformation, regulation and grid automation solutions.

Eaton’s residential products include loadcenters and circuit breakers, meter sockets and meter breakers, surge protection devices, and portable and standby generators.

Automatic differential magneto-thermic switch

Overvoltage protection

Supplements for installation

Automatic power switches

Power control

Fuse and final switches


Mounted actuators

Auxiliary elements of control

Power factor correction

Planning and energy management

Measuring instruments

Control relays

Metallic & plastic enclosures

Cable Glands:

  • Cable Glands for Normal Applications
  • Cable Glands for Ex Applications
  • DIY Applications/Retail Cable Glands
  • Cable Gland Accessories

Junction Boxes:

  • Junction Boxes for Normal Applications
  • Junction Boxes for Ex Applications
  • Junction Box Accessories


  • Pratley Kwikblok® Rail Mounted Terminals And Accessories

Electrical End Connectors:

  • Pratley End Connectors & Insulating Sleeves
  • Pratley Non-Sparking End Connectors & Insulating Sleeves

Electrical Tapes:

  • Pratley PVC Electrical Tape (0.2mm X 19mm X 20mm)
  • Pratley Earth Marking Tape (0.18mm x 18mm x 20mm)
  • Pratley High Tension Splicing Tape (0.5mm X 19mm X 10m)
  • Pratley PVC Fire Retardant Tape (0.19mm X 18mm X 20mm)
  • Pratley Rubber Tape (3.2mm X 34mm X 1.6mm)

Cable Retainers and Clips

  • Pratley Cable Retainers
  • Pratley Stik ‘N Clip – Industrial Pack

As the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand’s offering covers seven strategic fields of activity:

  • User interface (switches,power sockets,VDI sockets and more)
  • Energy distribution (distribution panels,circuit breakers and more)
  • Building systems (lighting management, security systems and more)
  • Cable management (trunking, floor boxes and more)
  • Digital infrastructure (enclosures, patch panels, RJ45 sockets and more)
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Installation components (tubes, ducts, extensions and more)

A fully-comprehens: ve modular offer: Circuit-breakers, residual current protection systems, surge protectors, programmable or light sensitive switches… Legrand offers a comprehensive range of DIN-rail equipment.
Busbar systems: As a complete energy distribution system, the Zucchini busbar offer up to 5 000A provides scalability, dependability and hassle-free deployment.
Industrial sockets and combined units: Legrand proposes industrial-grade sockets up to 125A and combined units designed to handle specific applications in the toughest working environments.
Viking 3 and marking system: Ultra-reliable connections by screw or automatic terminals, Viking 3 boasts numerous competitive edges.
Cable management: Using its global strength and market leading position, Legrand has developed a complete range of cable management solutions including: Swifts cable ladder – Swifts cable tray -Salamandre distribution trunking – Cablofil steel wire cable tray – Floor systems – Perimeter systems

Transformadores GEDELSA S.A. is a company specialising in the manufacture and repair of distribution and power transformers, based in the city of Salamanca, Spain. The work throughout these years has enabled the company to develop a broad range of very high quality and technologically competitive products, all of which are warranted by the various certificates and recognitions achieved. The transformers are made to the criteria of the specific IEC, EN and UNE standards for this sector, but also meet the particular requirements of each customer, which has allowed access to other markets as well as the national market and has helped to place Transformadores GEDELSA, S.A. among the foremost companies in the manufacture of dielectric liquid immersed transformers.

Manufacturing Systems

Magnetic Circuit (core): The magnetic circuit is of column type and is made by stacking grain-oriented magnetic sheets insulated with carlite. The material used is always top quality in order to reduce losses and magnetostriction. The sheets are cut by the step-lap system in an automatic cutting machine of the latest technology. The combination of both techniques enables us to offer our customers a guarantee of transformer cores with a level of loss and noise in accordance with the most demanding specifications.

Coils: The coils are made with copper or aluminium conductors and their technology is in consonance with the specific power and voltage characteristics of the transformer. For low power transformers, 50-100-160 kVA, the LV coil is made in a spiral with a rectangular conductor and the HV in layers with a rounded conductor. For distribution and power transformers of 250 to 2500 kVA, the LV coil is made with a band type conductor, giving one turn per layer and the HV is made, in accordance with the power and voltage, with rounded or rectangular conductors and in layers. For large transformers of 5 MVA to 40 MVA, the coils are made with rectangular conductors and, depending on the voltage, in layers or discs. Having checked the coils, they are put through a heat treatment to ensure that their properties meet the quality standards established for their manufacture.

Coils in Dry Transformers: In the manufacture of high voltage windings an aluminium conductor is used, since its coefficient of expansion is very similar to that of the resin used, thus reducing fragmentation stresses in the material. The coils are encapsulated in epoxy resin under conditions of temperature and high vacuum. They are checked in a plant of the latest generation to ensure excellent properties with minimal partial discharge levels.

Tank: The transformer tank is made according to the characteristics of the machine, for distribution transformers of 50 to 2,500 kVA, the tank is Hermetic-Integral type, that is to say, the transformer is hermetically sealed and totally full of oil, the fins acting as compensating elements for the expansion and contraction of the oil. For high power transformers, 5 MVA to 40 MVA, the tank is of steel sheet reinforced with sections and with outlets for fitting the heat-dissipating radiators. On top is the expanding part called the expansion tank. The painting system used for the immersion tanks is a phosphating treatment and two coats of paint, power machines are peened and then given two or more coats of paint according to the thickness of coating specified.

Laboratory: In our premises we have our own laboratory, equipped with precise modern apparatus and measuring systems so that our products meet the most demanding quality standards. They are certified and calibrated in accordance with the guidelines for standard ISO 9001. Our transformers are subjected to the trials described in the series standards IEC 60076.

A vast portfolio of products.
General Cable is a leading designer, manufacturer and provider of the highest quality aluminum, copper and fiber optic wire and cable products and system solutions. Our customer base spans the globe, working in all areas of the energy, construction, industrial, specialty and communications markets.

Delivering power to the people all over the world. For more than a century, General Cable has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of high-performance wire and cable products for power transmission and distribution through the air, underground and under the sea. Whether based on coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear, wind, solar or hydro, from resource extraction to generation, transmission and distribution, we are the provider of choice to energy and power industry leaders in the always evolving terrestrial and offshore markets all over the world.

Products: Bare overhead conductor, Low- and medium-voltage distribution cable, Underground high- and extra-high-voltage solutions, Submarine transmission and distribution solutions, Optical ground wire and winding wire.

Building confidence, reliability and peace of mind. General Cable offers a complete line of copper and aluminum alloy building wire in virtually every construction application. Our wire and cable products provide critical power from the ground up in residential, industrial, commercial and institutional construction projects. Whether it’s an office building, a hospital, a school, an entertainment venue, a housing development or an entire city, our high-performance wire and cable solutions provide the necessary power with products that meet the strictest national and international safety standards.

Products: Aluminum alloy feeder, service entrance and armored cables, Copper feeder cables and building wire

Generating power and enhancing control. General Cable is recognized worldwide for leadership and breadth in power, control and instrumentation cable products. Our solutions span a very broad range of manufacturing and industrial distribution applications, engineered to perform reliably in the most demanding environments. Our industry-certified cables for industrial instrumentation, power and control serve the full spectrum of customer requirements. As demand drives investment in renewable wind, solar and hydroelectric energy sources, General Cable is there, a pioneer and trusted provider.

Products: Portable and temporary power cords, Single-and multi-conductor, low- and medium-voltage power cable, Entertainment power cable, Armored and shielded cable, Welding cable, Application-specific flexible cable.

Keeping pace with an ever-changing world. Over the years, General Cable has proven itself as a highly versatile provider of specialty wire and cable products. Today, we are a leader known globally for innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of a wide range of industries. From oil rigs to cars and trains, from public venues to factory floors and in countless special applications, General Cable wire and cable solutions get the job done.

Products: Automotive products, Compounds, Military cable, Mining cable, Nuclear cable, Oil, gas & petrochemical cable (Onshore/Offshore), Rod & Strip, Transit / locomotive / railway infrastructure cables, Wire Harnesses & Assemblies.

Connecting customers and communities worldwide. General Cable’s advanced cables, assemblies and system solutions support the reliable flow of a growing torrent of high-speed data across high-bandwidth global communication networks in our increasingly connected world. Fiber optic submarine communications cables. Copper, fiber aerial and underground products. Copper and fiber optic enterprise cables. Sophisticated system solutions and more. General Cable produces an almost endless variety of products for virtually every need in this burgeoning field.

Products: Broadcast, professional and commercial A/V cables, Electronic cable, Fiber optic cable, Premise data communications cable, Specialty cables, Telecommunication cables.

Nexans brings energy to life through an extensive range of cables and cabling solutions that deliver increased performance for our customers worldwide. Nexans’ teams are committed to a partnership approach that supports customers in four main business areas: Power transmission and distribution (submarine and land), Energy resources (Oil & Gas, Mining and Renewables), Transportation (Road, Rail, Air, Sea) and Building (Commercial, Residential and Data Centers).


Handling cables: Festoon cables, Reeling cables, Special cables,Spreader cables,
Railways: Signalling in traditional lines, Signalling in high speed lines, Balise cables (ERTMS), Indoor interconnection cables
Subway: Signalling
Motorway: Communications
Industrial cables & wires: Electronic cables High temperature cables, Windmill Applications, Winding wires for submersible motors
Marine: Power and control cables, Instrumentation, control and communication cables
Oil & Gas: Oil & Gas Systems
Shipboard: Medium voltage cables & accessories, Power & Control cables, Instrumentation & Control cables, Fire resistant cables, Communication cables
Machinery: Industry automation cables, Control-command cables


Low Voltage
Copper cables
Aluminum cables
Medium Voltage
Cold applied indoor terminations
HEPRZ1 – Aluminium
Heat-shrinkable indoor terminations
RHZ1 – Aluminium
Separable connectors and bushings – Interface A
Separable connectors and bushings – Interface C
High Voltage
Temporary site cable 110 kV
Temporary site cable 132 kV
Temporary site cable 150 kV
Temporary site cable 220 kV
Fire Safety
Pre-Wired Cable – PREFIL
Pre-Wired Cable – PREFIL
Bare Copper
Bare Copper Stranded Cable


Copper Telephone cables
Outdoor – Indoor
LAN Cabling Systems
Copper LAN Systems
Fibre LAN Systems
Intelligent Infrastructure Management
Secure IT Environment
Industrial LAN & Harsh Environments
LAN Accessories & Cabinets
Software, Training, & Services
Power over Ethernet & active accessories
Copper cables for xDSL systems
Outdoor – Indoor – Interconnect components
Fibre/copper LAN, telephone cables
Home Networking cables
Electronic installation cables
Copper LAN cables
Telecomunications Systems
Customer Premises Equipment
Interconnection devices
Wiring solutions – Optic fiber solutions


  • External Distribution I.C.T. Cable
  • Internal Distribution I.C.T. Cable
  • External – Internal provisioning reinforced I.C.T.
  • Fibre optical cables
  • Fire performance cables
  • Micro blown cables
  • Optical Underground-Aerial Cables (OUC-OAC)
  • Indoor &/or Outdoor

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