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Laboratory Material

Biofuels & Alternative Energy: Accurately Measure Purity and Contamination with Confidence
Biofuels are produced from a wide range of sources including corn, algae, cellulose and microorganism-produced methane – each offering many environmental advantages. However, purity can be a challenge and long-term storage of some fuels can promote biological growth and oxidative degradation. Using blended fuels in engines designed for petroleum-based diesel can also cause problems with injector pumps and other components. ASTM and CEN standards define methods for determining biodiesel (% FAME) in diesel fuel. Likewise, stability concerns have prompted some industries to lower their biodiesel limits for fuel blends. To meet these varying requirements, you must reliably verify blend quality and biodiesel content. Agilent provides innovative solutions to best handle these challenges – from the robust GC Biodiesel Analyzer to more compact, portable systems like the mobile 490 Micro GC Biogas Analyzer, the portable 4500 FTIR Analyzer and compact 5500 FTIR Analyzer ideally suited for field labs.

Exploration & Production: Natural Resource Exploration and Production Analytical Solutions
As natural resource exploration and production companies innovate in the extraction of petroleum, as exemplified by the current surge in hydraulic fracturing of shale formations, Agilent is proud to collaborate with industry leaders and standards organizations to provide the solutions needed at every stage. Our advanced instruments provide data that allows companies to profitably and safely pursue complex extraction technologies and characterize the composition of crude reserves. The Agilent 490 Micro GC is used for mud logging at well sites to provide the crucial data on gases brought to the surface in the drilling mud – measurements vital to the safety of the operation. Our ASTM-based analyzers determine the composition of hydrocarbon mixtures recovered to determine market value. Finally, R&D labs use our state-of-the-art mass spectrometry instruments such as the 7000C GC/QQQ, 7200 GC/Q-TOF and 6400 Series LC/QQQ to provide new insights into the composition of crude oil by identifying and quantifying ancient biomarkers, or unraveling the thousands of compounds it comprises of.

Natural Gas: Achieve Fast and Accurate Analysis Consistently
Hydraulic fracturing of shale formations is generating huge growth in Natural Gas and petrochemicals worldwide. Global markets also enable large widespread trading of natural gas as a bulk commodity, where prices are based on energy content. Effective analysis solutions are vital, however, many traditional methods do not include capillary columns and electronic pressure control, resulting in less precise and efficient scans. New technology increases analysis precision, as well as, enabling measurements to be completed in typically less than 75 seconds. Electronic pressure, flow control, and capillary solutions, along with more sensitive detectors ensure simplified chromatographic design with less switching of valves and greater overall productivity. The Agilent 7890B GC also offers a simpler setup, faster analysis times of both hydrocarbon composition and impurity concentrations, and improved resolution and detection limits. A range of pre-configured and factory-tested GC and MicroGC analyzers are available for quick implementation in laboratory and field analyses of gaseous and liquefied natural gas.

Petrochemicals: Fast, Accurate and Powerful Petrochemical Analysis
Analysis of the constituents of hydrocarbon streams is critical for most QA/QC laboratories in the chemical and petrochemical industry as the existence of impurities directly impacts product quality and performance. Most QA/QC laboratories depend upon standardized industry methods and approaches to ensure both agreement with their clients on product specifications and the quality of their results. Agilent has more than 40 years of collaboration with ASTM International in the creation and management of standardized analysis procedures, and many have been developed on Agilent instruments including GC, LC, MS, FTIR and GC/MS technologies. We also continue to monitor emerging requirements and trends in order to introduce the new methods needed by the industry through this partnership. Our portfolio features integrated workflow and automation solutions for enhanced efficiency, from sample preparation through analysis to report generation, that results in lower cost per sample.

Polymers: Accuracy and Reliability to The Nanoscale
Polymers are used across industry in an ever widening set of products and subassemblies. As synthesized materials, their properties, performance and longevity are directly related to achieving proper composition and structure. These materials have finite lifetimes, which are directly related to environmental affects, additives and stabilizers and overall usage. When accuracy and reliability in measuring the quality and chemical composition of plastics and polymers is critical to your success, choose Agilent. By providing industry leading technologies and instruments like GPC/SEC, FTIR mobile, bench and microscopy systems and Polymer Grade GC Analyzers, we provide you with powerful tools for detailed polymer characterization. Agilent also offers a new FTIR analyzer, the 4500 Polymer ID Package, which enables analysts to determine in seconds the chemical composition of a polymer and meets the critical need to screen for banned or restricted phthalates.

Refining: Complete Analytical Solutions for Refinery Operations
Crude oil is a complex mixture requiring specialized characterization to economically separate. Agilent offers pre-configured, fast, and easy to use analyzer solutions (complying to all relevant ASTM methods) to help define the optimum refining strategy. Our simulated distillation analyzers, built around a GC with a temperature-programmable inlet, let producers easily characterize the boiling point distribution of a crude sample to make informed decisions about process optimization. In addition, Agilent ICP-OES or ICP-MS spectrometers quickly analyze metals that cause disruptions to refinery operations by poisoning catalysts or creating environmental issues. As crude oil is separated, refinery gas analysis quantitates the complex mixture of hydrocarbons, gases and sulfur compounds produced. Agilent Refinery Gas Analyzers are complete workflow solutions that put the latest advances performance into your hands without the hassles of setup, method development, or validation and we also offer a portfolio of compliant Reformulated Gasoline (RFG) Analyzers to certify fuel quality.

High Precision Measuring Instruments – Over 60 Years of Experience
The Fischer product line comprises of a broad spectrum of measuring and analysis instruments for the most diverse applications and industries. The appropriate measurement methods are used for correct results yielding optimum precision. Whether magnetic induction or eddy current, beta-backscatter, coulometric, micro hardness or x-ray fluorescence – Fischer has the suitable technology.

Coating Thickness:

Whether painted or electroplated, applied to magnetic or non-magnetic materials – you will find the appropriate instrument for precise coating thickness measurements in our large product portfolio.

Electromagnetic methods: Pocket gauges, Handheld gauges, Benchtop units, Probes

  • X-ray fluorescence method
  • Coulometric method
  • Beta-backscattering method
  • Micro-resistance method

Material Analysis

For exact material analysis, the broad assortment of Fischer X-ray fluorescence instruments (XRF) offers the optimal instrument for any application.
Trace analysis required by RoHS, testing of jewelry and gold or inline measurements in continuous production – FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY instruments fulfil the requirements in the laboratory and in manufacturing.

  • X-ray fluorescence instruments well suited for material analysis.


Industry demands that surfaces and coatings are engineered to be very hard, extremely thin or visco-elastic thus requiring powerful measurement methods and systems.
Fischer provides quick, precise and effective measurements of mechanical properties (hardness, modulus, creep, etc.) of micro and nano scale coatings, components, cross-sections, treated and modified surfaces.

Microhardness measuring instruments

Material Testing

The measurement technology of Fischer is sought after and proven when the quality of weld seams is measured in steel constructions or the sealing is determined on anodized facades. This is also true when the coatings are tested on tanks or airplane aluminum structures for fatigue.

  • Ferrite content measuring instrument
  • Sealing quality test instrument
  • Conductivity measuring instrument
  • Porosity testing

FILTRA VIBRACION, S.L manufactures a wide range of laboratory sieves with diameters from 60 to 600 mm, with top quality AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel for the frame, AISI 304 for the perforated plates, and AISI 316 for the metal meshes, providing excellent durability and high resistance to corrosion. They are all manufactured in strict compliance with UNE, ISO, ASTM, AFNOR, BS, etc. national and international regulations. The FILTRA Quality Management System for the manufacture of these sieves is certified by TÜV NORD, in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 regulations. They are manufactured in two pieces, allowing the mesh to be changed when it has deteriorated or does not meet the regulations. The interior sieve surface is totally flat to prevent the accumulation of residue and dirt. Cleaning is very fast and easy. In addition, we can make a specific and deeper test in our laboratory, accredited by ENAC, which certifies the conformity of the metallic meshes and perforated plates according to the manufacture standards.

Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker
Compact and light electromagnetic sieve shaker. Its three-dimensional motion throughout the sieve column makes it extremely effective when performing particle separation Granulometric tests, both dry and wet. Manufactured with a rilsanized carbon steel body, it features a digital panel with power regulation, sieving time control and adjustments to enable continuous or intermittent sieving. The sieve fastening system comprised of two threaded rods fitted with Bakelite tightening knobs and methacrylate lid. All the sieve shakers are equipped with an anti-vibration system which, together with the anchoring system, ensures complete stability during the sieving. Depending on the model, it is possible to choose between the standard fixation system, and the “Easy-Press” rapid fixation system. The methacrylate lid makes observing the product during the sieving process easy. All equipment is subjected to strict quality control, which guarantees years and years of problem-free use.

Circular Sieve Shaker
The ZEUS sieve shaker is suitable for large production volumes in industrial sieving. It can be used for separation processes for solids in a liquid, for the separation of different granulometries within the same product, in safety sieving for the elimination of foreign bodies, for the homogenization of particles, etc. It permits a production volume of 100 to 25,000 kg/h, depending on the product, the mesh opening size and the feed flow to the machine. It is suitable for sieving from 36 microns to 25 mm. Manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel (or AISI 316 on request), it features an imbalanced-weight motor which produces a three-dimensional motion which makes the sieving of the product very effective. Adjustment of the imbalanced-weights allows the regulation of product behaviour on the mesh and the sieving speed. The bottom has a side outlet through which the obtained product can be unloaded. The sieves can be ordered with or without product outlet. In the case of choosing a sieve with outlet, the sieving process can be automated: as the product enters the sieve shaker, it also leaves via the sieve opening. The ZEUS model allows up to 4 sieves, with which up to 5 product separations are obtained. The possible diameters are: 550, 800, 1200 or 1500 mm. As an option it can be ordered with fast-closing clamps, lid, viewing windows in the lid and body, and wheels. If the sieve shaker is going to be used in areas classified as being potentially explosive environments then it is manufactured with ATEX materials, and FILTRA will supply the corresponding ATEX certificate. No special floor or foundation is necessary for its installation.

At FILTRA VIBRACIÓN, S.L. we specialize in the manufacture of all types of metal mesh industrial filters. We have a team with over 20 years’ experience in this field, developing, together with our customers, solutions in filter consumables for multiple industrial sectors such as chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, plastics, resins, thermal oils, etc. We manufacture a multitude of industrial filters in AISI 304 or AISI 306 stainless steel: cylindrical filters, DN22 to DN 600Y-type; DN25 to DN600 filter baskets, pleated filters with one or various mesh layers; conical and truncated conical filters; interchangeable plugs; mesh disks; special elements. We develop and manufacture made-to-measure products according to the client’s plans or specifications, from a single unit to whole ranges.

We manufacture all types of custom metal sieves with a single mesh or multiple or with reinforcement structure where necessary.

We supply synthetic filters made of polypropylene, polyester or polyamide: sleeves and bag filters, mini weaves, filter discs, cartridges, mesh fabrics for fluidization and nylon mesh bulk meters.

Industrial Mesh:
We have a large stock of stainless steel mesh AISI 304 and 316 acc/ISO 9044 to supply in rolls, panels or bulk meters: plain fabric, twill, wave, electro, sintered or Reps.Fabric Reps twill together. Fabric Reps together. Plain fabric twill. Plain fabric twill.

Goodfellow supplies a comprehensive range of Metals, Alloys, Ceramics, Polymers, Compounds, and Composites to the research and industrial markets. They are available in an extensive range of forms including sheets, foils, films, lump, powder, rods, wires, and tubes. We also offer larger quantities of these materials to the industrial production market. In both cases, we can also supply materials to your individual specification, including composition, form and dimensions.

The Ceramic materials offered by Goodfellow have been carefully chosen and include both the established, as well as the more recently developed products. All are available as either standard or custom made products in a variety of forms and sizes.
Examples of some of our Ceramics available:
Superwool® HT™, Alumina, Boron Nitride, Fused Quartz, MACOR® Machinable Glass Ceramic, Shapal™-M, Shapal™Hi-M, Silica, Zirconia

Below you will find a list of some of the Polymers we most commonly supply in larger quantities or to special order. However, if the material you are looking for is not listed below, please do not hesitate to ask us as we can often help.
Examples of some of our Polymers available:
Polyamide Nylon 6 & 6,6, Polycarbonate (PC), Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), Polyetherimide (PEI), Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), Polyoxymethylene Acetal Copolymer & Homopolymer (POM), Polypropylene (PP), Polysulphone (PSu), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Polyimide (PI), Metallized Polyim

Below you will find a list of some of the Metals we most commonly supply in larger quantities or to special order. However, if the material you are looking for is not listed below, please do not hesitate to ask us as we can often help.
Examples of some of our Metals available in larger quantities:
Aluminum (High Purity), Aluminum Honeycomb, Cadmium, Copper, LCS Copper Foam, Indium, Lead, Molybdenum, Nickel, Niobium, Regular Aluminum Foam, Silver, Tantalum, Titanium, Tungsten, Vanadium, Zincide (MPI).

Below you will find a list of some of the Alloys we most commonly supply in larger quantities or to special order. However, if the material you are looking for is not listed below, please do not hesitate to ask us as we can often help.
Examples of some of our Alloys available in larger quantities:
Aluminum Alloy, Beryllium Copper, Brass, Bronze, Constantan®, Fecralloy®, Invar®, Manganin®, Monel®, Mumetal®, Nichrome®, Nimonic®, Stainless Steel.

Aplications of GKD metal fabrics for architectural design:

There is no substitute for extraordinary design. Our flexible woven metal fabrics provide indisputable technical, aesthetic and environmentally responsible solutions to any building’s exterior and interior. Our innovative manufacturing heritage has benefited customers time and again with our know-how in determining and delivering the best metal mesh fabric solution for any need or structure.

Ceilings: Tiled, framed, suspended or draped, GKD’s woven metal fabrics conform to regular and irregular ceiling surfaces.
Column Covers: Functional and distinctive, column covers are offered with countless texture, flexibility and opacity options.
Etched Graphics: Graphics are mechanically etched onto the metal fabric surface to create a durable contrasted image.
Facades: Metal fabric façades can be used to rejuvenate or enhance the aesthetics of a structure, while offering protection against the elements.
Illumesh: Weather- and temperature resistant Illumesh® excels in delivering a high-performance woven metal fabric media surface
Mediamesh: Mediamesh® flawlessly melds woven metal’s transparency and flexibility with the high definition technology of integrated LED profile in a non-structural communication medium.
Parking Facades: Metal fabric is a cost-effective, contemporary facade. Its usage increases a structure’s durability and safety.
Partitions: With minimal partitioning, metal fabrics offer permanent or removable contemporary solutions.
Safety and Security: Woven metal adds to the overall design safety and security components while maintaining architectural integrity.
Solar Management: Woven metal mesh fabrics reduce solar-generated heat gain, while increasing interior comfort.
Specialties: Specialty applications include desks, tables, furniture, floors, art and any imagination destination.
Walls: High-traffic areas benefit from the combined engineering and aesthetic benefits of woven metal fabric

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