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Lifting and Maintenance

TRACTEL® provides Lifting and Handling, Load Measurement, Suspended Working Platforms and Fall Arrest Safety Equipment. TRACTEL® has become an industry standard for quality, reliability and safety with the introduction of products like Tirfor®, Tirak™, Minifor™, Dynafor™ and Tractelift™.

Lifting and Handling
Hand Operated Lifting & Pulling Equipment
Motorised Lifting & Pulling Equipment
Floor Handling Equipment
Load Arrester Equipment
Customized Solutions Tractel® Solutions

Load Measurement And Control
Load Link Dynamometer.
Cranes Scale.
Mechanical Load Limiter.
Electronic Load Limiter.
Anchor Tester.


Height Safety
Harnesses & Belts.
Safety Ladders.
Fall Arresters.
Connection Elements.
Lifelines & Anchor Points.
Rescue And Rope Access.

Overhead and jib cranes:
Single and double girder overhead cranes, gantry and semi-gantry cranes, jib cranes, wall travelling jib cranes, and light overhead cranes.

Electric hoists:
Electric hoists are named for the type of drive and are machines for lifting loads. They can also move them, normally along a metal beam.

Hand hoists:
Chain and lever hand operated hoists are designed for lifting loads in a comfortable and precise way. They can also be incorporated to cranes or other complex handling systems.

Air hoists:
Air hoist are operated by a compressed air engine.

Handling equipement and systems:
Vicinay Cemvisa, through close collaboration with its clients in both the domestic and international markets, has developed tailor made handling equipment to suit every need.

Lifting accessories:
Lifting accessories are complementary equipment to handling devices and systems.

Electro-hydraulic clamshell grabs:
Vicinay Cemvisa designs and manufactures its VIC-GRAB clamshell grabs to handle mug, sludge, etc.

Steel link chains:
High resistance grade 80 chains, for slings, for hoists, for lashing purposes, forestry, fishing, mining and metallurgical sector. Antitheft security chains and stainless steel chains.

Wind energy sector:
Wind farms, off-shore, assembly equipment, lubricating elements hoisting, wind towers maintenance, equipment assembly and logistics.

As a global leader in the manufacture of industrial cranes and crane components we offer a wide range of products and services. We supply solutions for all types of material flow, logistics and industrial drive applications – for companies of all sizes. The high demands of customers for quality, reliability and performance are significant driving factors for the continuous development of leading-edge products.


Universal cranes:
Our universal cranes give you the certainty of quality, efficiency and reliability at the highest level. Every crane and every crane component reflects decades of crane expertise and reliability as a partner for the industry. Our product portfolio includes single and double-girder overhead travelling cranes and suspension cranes. Besides universal cranes with welded box-section girders, we also offer solutions with rolled steel sections. Our wall-mounted travelling cranes and crane sets, which are tailored to meet specific customer needs, round off our range.

KBK Light crane system:
We launched our KBK light crane system 50 years ago – today, we are the world market leader with this product in the light crane system sector. Using our KBK system, we can meet your specific application requirements precisely, quickly and efficiently. The components of our modular system can be combined to create individual suspension monorail, suspension crane, pillar and wall-mounted slewing jib crane solutions. Thanks to the system’s high flexibility, our KBK installations can be integrated easily into any production infrastructure – and modified at any time.
Modular and versatile/load capacities up to 3,200 kg

Demag hoist units:

Our hoist units have served as reliable components in cranes and materials handling systems for many decades. All over the world. Customers in many industries and in more than 100 countries rely on our technology and expertise in lifting applications. For good reason: we offer a unique range of lifting appliances – from chain hoists to open winch units with load capacities of more than 230 tonnes.
MPW open winch units: Compact, robust, high performance
Rope hoists: High handling rates up to 100 tonnes
Crane sets: Tailored component packages for cranes
Chain hoists: Outstanding performance and reliability
Compact hoists: Ergonomic lifting – for load capacities up to 5 tonnes
E-Balancer: Weightless guiding and positioning of loads
D-SH SpeedHoist: Fast load handling

Columbus McKinnon is a leading worldwide designer, manufacturer, and marketer of material handling systems and services, which efficiently and ergonomically move, lift, position, or secure material. Key products include hoists, actuators, cranes, and lifting and rigging tools. With a rich 140-year tradition, the company is focused on commercial and industrial applications that require the safety and quality provided by its superior design and know-how

Columbus McKinnon manufactures and markets a wide range of hoists and overhead cranes for use in a variety of industries around the world. From our 550 lb. capacity Series 602 mini ratchet lever hoist that can fit in your lunch box to our 60-ton, high-capacity LodeKing electric wire rope models, we have the right hoist for your application. We carry an extensive line of powered hoists, including electric and pneumatic chain and wire rope hoists. We also offer a full line of manual hoists, both hand chain and lever tools. Although many hoists are standard “off the shelf” units, we can modify most hoists to meet your exact requirements.

Manual Hoists: Hand Chain Hoists – Lever Hoists
Powered Hoists: Air Chain & Wire Rope Hoist – Electric Chain & Wire Rope Hoist
Trolleys: Manual Trolleys – Powered Trolleys
Accessories: Hoist Latch Kits – Crane Directional Labels

Professional riggers, maintenance workers, plant engineers and safety specialists rely on the CM line of chain and attachments to lift, pull and secure loads in a variety of environments. CM rigging products are utilized for the secure lifting and positioning of goods in industries around the world. From innovative products such as Hammerloks to our strong and reliable super strong shackles, CM rigging products mean superior quality and reliability. We carry a wide range of forged shackles, hooks, rings, links wire rope clips, plate clamps and below-the-hook attachments for all of your rigging needs.


  • Herc-Alloy® 1000 and Dual Rated Chain Slings & Components
  • Herc-Alloy 800® and Dual Rated Chain Slings & Components
  • Rigging Hardware
  • Below the Hook Attachments
  • Heavy-Duty Crane Hooks
  • Transport Chain & Attachments
  • Specialty Chain & Components
  • Entertainment Rigging Products
    Dixie Industries’ Forestry Tools
    Farm & Fence Hardware
    CM Rigging Latch Kits

All pistons have a salt bath nitriding treatment or a hard chrome plating, depending on the model, to resist corrosion and for longer life.With built-in bronze guide for easier sliding of piston.

These cylinders are fitted with a removable grooved saddle, pressure mounted or screwed in the piston head. They are also equipped with a high flow female quick coupler with dust cap, ref. A-5507-H.

Working pressure: 700 kg/cm2/10.000 psi.
These CSE cylinders have been designed to combine minimum collapsed height with optimum stroke.
They are suitable for lifting, clamping, levelling or positioning jobs where space is tight.

Working pressure: 700 kg/cm2/10.000 psi.
All pistons have a salt bath nitriding treatment to resist corrosion.
The hollow cylinders can be used for general applications of pushing or lifting forces.
Additionally, they feature a centre-hole piston which allows the insertion of a rod or screw, attachable to the threaded saddle, that travels through the cylinder for pulling or pushing operations. Ideal for tensioning, extracting, gear and pin removal etc.

Working pressure: 700 kg/cm2/10.000 psi.
Fitted with a relief safety valve, ref. A-5538,on the piston retract side, to prevent accidental overpressure.
These are double acting and two-speed hand pumps.
They all feature same technical advantages as the single acting one-speed pumps.
With a safety relief valve, factory rated at the maximum working capacity.
They have a two-stage, radial pump that provides a working pressure of 700 kg/cm2/10.000 psi.
The first stage allows a quick approach of piston to load and the second stage gives the effective working pressure.

With safety relief valve, factory rated at the maximum working pressure. For a continuous operation, pressure should not exceed 560 kg/cm2/8.000 psi.
Frequency: 50Hz.:Δ220V/Y380V -1,5 kW – 2 HP – 1400 rpm.
Frequency: 60Hz.:Δ265V/Y460V -1,7 kW – 2,3 HP – 1700 rpm.

We build our own cylinders in our ISO 9001 registered manufacturing facility. All Power Team cylinders are date-coded. Maximum pressure rating and capacity are stamped on the cylinder. All cylinders comply to the demanding ASME B30.1 standard and are proof tested to 125% of capacity before leaving our factory. Cylinder bores are roller burnished to harden the surface and make it smoother, increasing seal life by 30%. Base mounting holes withstand full capacity of the cylinder. Typical cylinder burst pressures range from 25,000 to 35,000 psi. Cylinders with gland nuts may be “dead-ended” at 10,000 psi. Cylinders are assembled and tested by certified assemblers. Eddy current and mag particle inspection detects flaws in the steel. Cylinder bodies are solid steel, not welded like some competitive cylinders. Material is removed from surface to assure that any flaws are removed.


  • Serie C (General Purpose): from 5 to 100 Tn.
  • Serie CBT (Threaded End Cylinders): from 5 to 25 Tn.
  • Serie RA ( AluminiumCylinders): from 20 to 100 Tn.
  • Serie RD (Double Acting): from 4 to 25 Tn.
  • Serie RLS (Low Profile Cylinders): from 5 to 150 Tn.
  • Serie RSS (Shorty Cylinders): from 10 to 250 Tn.
  • Serie RH (Center Hole Cylinders) from 10 to 200 Tn.
  • Serie RT (Center Hole Power Twin): from 17.5 to 100 Tn.
  • Serie RP (Pull Cylinders): from 2 to 5 Tn.
  • Serie RD (Pull Cylinders): from 2 Tn to 500 Tn.
  • Serie R (High Tonnage Cylinders): from 55 to 1220 Tn.
  • Serie RL (Locking Collar Cylinders): from 55 to 1220 Tn.
  • Serie RC (Pancake Cylindres): from 55 to 820 Tn


Used where air is the preferred energy source or where electricity is not available. Ideal for use in petrochemical, mines or other inflammable or explosive environments.

  • PA6 Series – These single-speed pumps drive single- or double-acting cylinders.
  • PA9 Series – These new single-speed pumps drive single-actingcylinders and are ideal for powering portable hydraulic tools.
  • PA50 Series – These single-speed pumps drive single- or double-acting low pressure (3,200 psi) cylinders.
  • PA60 – This 2-speed pump is equipped with a manifold to operate multiple cylinders, and provides a 2-gallon reservoir capacity.
  • PA64 – Similar to PA60, this 2-speed pump drives single- or double-acting cylinders.
  • PA172 and PA174 – These “economy” 2-speed pumps drive single- or double-acting cylinders, depending on the model chosen. Provide a low weight to output ratio.
  • PA462 and PA464 Series – These 2-speed pumps drive single or double-acting cylinders, depending on the model selected. They offer high speed cylinder piston advance.
  • PA554 – This 2-speed pump drives single- or double-acting cylinders, delivering a high volume of oil.


All of the following pumps are 2-speed models, and can be used to drive single- or double-acting cylinders. “Quarter Horse” Series – As their name implies, these pumps feature a 1/4 hp electric motor. A battery-powered version is available. Having a low noise level and weighing just 20 lbs., they are ideal for powering portable hydraulic spreaders, nut splitters, pipe flange spreaders and other tools.

  • PE17 Series – CSA rated for intermittent duty, these feature a 1/2 hp, single phase induction motor with a low noise level (67-81 dBA). Smaller generators and low amperage circuits can be used as a power source.
  • PE46 Series – Powered by a 11/2 hp, single phase induction motor, operate at a moderate noise level of 77-81 dBA. CSA rated for intermittent duty.
  • PE18 Series – CSA rated for intermittent duty, these feature a 1/2 hp, single phase universal motor with a noise level of 85-90 dBA. Provide high performance at a low price. Has low amperage draw.
  • PE30 Series – Equipped with a 1 hp, single phase permanent magnet motor, have a noise level of only 82-87 dBA. CSA rated for intermittent duty, and require a relatively low voltage; ideal for use in general construction applications. Roll cage/handle protects the motor and controls.
  • PE55 and PED25 Series – The famous Vanguard® pumps have been continually upgraded for 40 years; some of the originals are still in service! Equipped with a 11/8 hp, single phase universal motor, have a high noise level (90-95 dBA). Offer the best weight to performance ratio of any Power Team electric/hydraulic pump. CSA rated for intermittent duty. The PED25 versions are “dual flow” pumps which deliver the same low and high pressures to both valves, and have a noise level of 80-85 dBA. They have a 11/2 hp induction motor.

Lifting slings, round slings, round sling attachment gear, various accessories for lifting, joker hooks, protective tubes and much more.

Load control (Heavy duty ratchets):
The heavy duty ratchets from SpanSet are real power packs. They don’t stop even for the heaviest jobs:

More tension, less effort:
The patented double slider even secures in the intermediate stage when tensioning, using the “half tooth”. This gives you more tension in smaller steps – and conserves your physical strength.

Less dead weight:
They are called heavy duty ratchets, but are much lighter than comparable lashing equipment. The ratchet lashing straps have clear advantages over chains or wire ropes when it comes to their dead weight – and are thus much lighter to handle.

Self-locking ratchet level:
For maximum security when lashing, we developed the self-locking ratchet lever. When lashing, you pull the integrated slider, close the ratchet, and it engages automatically in the locking position. This means that unintentional opening of the ratchet when on the move is effectively impossible.

The best quality for a sense of security:
Even for heavy loads, such as construction equipment or precast concrete parts, it is a matter of controlled load security. Heavy loads to not only have to be secured. It is more a case of a controlled securing procedure from start to finish. This is why we place great value on the quality of each individual part of our heavy duty ratchets. This extends from the impact-resistant epoxy resin coating of the ratchets to the webbing with optional integrated edge protection, designed for extreme loads.

Anti-Belt-Slip” procedure:
The ratchet is opened, the tension loosens sporadically, and the load gets out of control: anyone who has experienced this knows how important ABS is. It means you have complete control even during release. The ABS system lets you release the pre-tension force in small steps. This gives you the opportunity to use a fork-lift truck to straighten up any loads that threaten to tip and are leaning into the strap, helping prevent damage and accidents.

Enerpac is a world leader in the manufacture of industrial tools. With a catalog of over 50,000 references, it is able to provide the necessary support and expertise for standard products as well as for customized products and unique applications.

Cylinders and Lifting Products

Hydraulic Cylinders

Enerpac hydraulic cylinders are available in hundreds of different configurations. Whatever the industrial application; lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, holding, whatever the force capacity, stroke length, or size restrictions, single- or double-acting, solid or hollow plunger, you can be sure that Enerpac has the cylinder to suit your high force application.

Hydraulic Cylinder and Pump Sets

Ready-to-use hydraulic cylinder and pump sets. Enerpac porta powers and sets provide the quickest and easiest way to start working right away. All kits include a single-acting hydraulic jack (ram), two-speed pump, 6-foot hose, calibrated gauge and gauge adaptor. Kits are available with 5 to 100 ton jacks (rams). Hydraulic jacks (rams) are available in general purpose, hollow hole and low-height options to provide maximum versatility. Hydraulic pumps are available in hand, foot, air and battery powered pump options.

Cylinder Accessories

Cylinder accessories enhance the versatility of Enerpac cylinders: saddles, base plates, clevis eyes, mounting blocks.

Hydraulic and Mechanical Jacks

Industrial hydraulic jacks built to last. Simple, portable tools for lifting applications and tight fits.

Wheeled Jacks

Portable lifting systems for lifting heavy loads. The Pow’R-LOCK is a self-locking jack that performs automatic mechanical locking during lifting, lowering and holding. The Pow’R-RISER is capable of lifting and lowering heavy loads. For safe mechanical cribbing of a lifted load, accessory Locking U-Rings can be placed around an extended piston.

Hydraulic Lifting Tools

High-pressure hydraulic lifting tools provide solutions for a range of applications.

Synchronous Hoist Systems

The Synchronous Hoist System is a below-the-hook sling adjuster (hydraulic turnbuckle) which typically includes multiple specialized hydraulic cylinders mounted directly in-line with the rigging which provides the operator the freedom to precisely monitor and adjust each lifting point independently. The system enables a single crane to precisely position heavy and unbalanced loads.

Hydraulic Skidding Systems

Enerpac has applied high-pressure hydraulics to create a line of skidding systems. A skidding system is comprised of a series of skid beams moved by hydraulic push-pull cylinders, traveling over a pre-constructed track. A series of special PTFE-coated pads are placed on the skid tracks to reduce friction. The skid beams are then connected by hoses to a pump. Enerpac Skidding Systems are available in several versions.

Workholding Cylinders

Enerpac has the most complete line of workholding cylinders – compact short-stroke spring return cylinders to heavy-duty double-acting automation cylinders. Whether you need to push it, pull it, clamp it, punch it, stamp it, press it, or hold it in place for days at a time, Enerpac has the right cylinder.

Hydraulic Pumps

Enerpac hydraulic pumps are available in over 1,000 different configurations. Whatever your high pressure pump needs are, speed, control, intermittent or heavy-duty performance, you can be sure that Enerpac has a hydraulic power unit to suit the application. Featuring Hand, Battery, Electric, Air and Gasoline powered models, with multiple reservoir and valve configurations, Enerpac offers the most comprehensive high pressure pump line available.

Pump and Power Units

Ready-to-use hydraulic cylinder and pump sets. Enerpac porta powers and sets provide the quickest and easiest way to start working right away. All kits include a single-acting hydraulic jack (ram), two-speed pump, 6-foot hose, calibrated gauge and gauge adaptor. Kits are available with 5 to 100 ton jacks (rams). Hydraulic jacks (rams) are available in general purpose, hollow hole and low-height options to provide maximum versatility. Hydraulic pumps are available in hand, foot, air and battery powered pump options.

Pump Accessories

Hydraulic pump accessories: heat exchangers, pressure transducers, roll cages, pendants, RFL, return line filters

Torque and Tension Tools

Controlled Bolting Tools

Enerpac’s Bolting Solutions cater to the complete bolting work-flow, ensuring joint integrity in a variety of applications throughout industry. Enerpac offers a variety of controlled tightening options to best meet the requirements of your application, ranging from manual torque multipliers, to pneumatic torque wrenches, as well as a comprehensive range of hydraulic torque wrenches and interconnectable bolt tensioning tools.

Controlled Tightening

Enerpac offers a variety of controlled tightening tools to best meet the requirements of your application, ranging from manual torque multipliers, to pneumatic and electric torque wrenches, as well as a comprehensive range of hydraulic torque wrenches and interconnectable bolt tensioning tools.

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