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Klüber Lubrication offers a comprehensive range of speciality lubricants, comprising high-performance oils and greases as well as special pastes, waxes, bonded coatings, release agents and lubricant dispensers. Our portfolio is rounded off with modular services to support your individual requirements.

Bonded coatings. Clean and long-lasting dry lubrication: Bonded coatings offer many lubrication advantages compared to conventional oils and greases for high temperatures, special hygiene requirements or highly loaded machine elements. Our special tribo-coatings help you optimise friction coefficients and sliding properties of your components and ensure longer lifetimes.

Corrosion inhibitors. Reliable protection and lubrication: Corrosion may cause considerable damage to your machines and installations which are often exposed to friction and wear. Our speciality lubricants lubricate your components and protect them reliably against corrosion.
Lubricant and dispenser – a perfect match: In many production sectors, automatic lubricant dispensers perfectly complement the use of speciality lubricants. They help you to apply the correct lubricant quantity consistently while considerably reducing maintenance costs.

Lubricant sprays Speciality lubricants at the push of a button: Lubricant sprays ensure quick and easy lubrication and relubrication of areas difficult to access and for spot application. We offer speciality lubricants in spray cans for a wide range of applications to protect your machines and components reliably against wear.

Lubricating greases. Speciality lubricating greases – as diverse as the requirements: Greases are the best choice if the lubricant is to stay in place at the friction point long term. Not only do they provide good lubrication; they also protect the friction point against external influences like splash water, humidity, contamination, corrosion and wear.
Lubricating oils. Reduced friction, reduced wear: Things run smoother with the right lubricating oil. Speciality lubricating oils with good penetration and wetting abilities protect reliably against friction and wear. It’s important to select the right oil for your application and you will find the matching solution for your application in our wide product range.

Industrial lubricants

Repsol’s technological innovation for the service of improving the performance of equipment and machinery. Repsol lubricants comply with the best standards and most demanding quality regulations, protecting and empowering equipment and machinery functions, improving their performance, contributing to saving energy and extending their useful life. Using our greatest efforts in terms of resources, research and technology throughout the process of making industrial oils, we guarantee perfect lubrication of the machines and equipment of those who choose Repsol for their industries.

Hydraulics: The range of Repsol hydraulic products is developed especially for fulfilling all of the needs that may arise in the industrial sector: biodegradable, fire resistant, ashless, high viscosity and conventional oils, etc. All of them have maximum guarantees for your equipment.

Dielectrics: Complete range of inhibited and non-inhibited insulating oils with excellent dielectric properties and a robust manufacturing process that are capable of satisfying the complex needs of the electric sector, both as technically capable products as well as in their availability. The Electra series are mineral oils of paraffinic origin, while those of the Tensión series are of naphthenic origin; with the two series we cover the entire spectrum of needs with respect to the flash point or the freezing temperature, always maintaining a high oxidative stability.

Gears: For the maximum protection of your equipment, Repsol products offer you the best performance, whether mineral or synthetic based, always complying with the highest quality standards.

Compressors: Mineral and synthetic lubricants designed to be used in all types of compressors (reciprocating, screw, axial and centrifugal), as well as for vacuum pumps.

General purpose lubricant: Designed especially for its use in motorcycles and chainsaws as well as in grease-loss applications. This range of Repsol products includes biodegradable oils as well as oils of different viscosities, making it possible to find the most suitable product for your needs.

Circulation: Lubricating oils developed from paraffinic bases and with excellent demulsifying properties. They comply with the demanding requirements of rolling mill manufacturers, with Morgoil as the main reference.

Industrial lubricants
Whether to generate and transmit energy, reduce or transmit driving forces, generate refrigerated or compressed air, or for machine tool applications and in many other areas of production, industrial lubricants must perform key tasks. Many processes only take place ideally with specially designed lubricants. For this, safety, machines, processes and systems in particular must be taken into account. FUCHS industrial lubricants can contribute significantly to improving productivity and efficiency, as well as reducing energy consumption, for example, in hydraulic systems, gear units and many other applications.
In addition, FUCHS rapidly biodegradable lubricants represent a real alternative to hydrocarbon-based lubricants.

Hydraulic oils Oils for compressors. Oils for sliding guides. Gear oils Lubricants for open gears. Oils for turbines. Oils for machines. Cooling oils. Quickly biodegradable lubricants. Oils for textile machines. Lubricants for metal cables. Chain Lube Special fluids / Industrial oils. Dry coating. Release agents

Lubricating greases:
Lubricating greases are consistent lubricants composed of a base oil and a specially selected thickener. To increase certain properties, additives are added to lubricating greases. Lubricating greases are structural elements, especially if they are used as long-term lubricants for a lifetime lubrication. The complete and balanced range of FUCHS lubricating grease products offers you optimal technical and economical solutions for as many applications as possible.

Multipurpose / long lasting greases. Greases for bearings and sliding bearings. Wheel bearing grease. Gearbox. Food grade fats. Biodegradable Fats Greases for machine tools. Greases for railway vehicles. Greases for extreme temperatures. Greases for central lubrication systems. Greases with solid lubricants
Perfluorinated Pasta Fats in spray cans. Mounting pastes Pasta for extreme temperatures

Business Sectors:

For several years now Total has been committed to offering manufacturers the very best lubricants.

We are well aware of the heavy pressure on the industry’s shoulders due to the economic context and the crucial financial issues it is facing, which is why we have put our entire expertise at your service. Total Industrial Lubricants offers special lubricants suited in all respects to your areas of activity, your specifications and the regulations in force (REACH, biodegradability, HSE risks).

Our industrial lubricants guarantee:

  1. Higher plant availability rate.
  2. Optimized industrial supply stocks.
  3. Reduced consumption of industrial supplies.
  4. Optimized investments.
  5. Reduced expenditure on in-house personnel (workforce, etc.).

Solutions for industry:

  • Automotive industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Cement industry
  • Energy production industry
  • Food industry
  • Metalworking industry
  • Paper industry
  • Steel industry
  • Textiles industry
  • Wood industry
  • Greases
  • Biodegradable lubricants

Air Operated Oil Pumps and Kits

  • PumpMaster 2 oil pumps
  • PumpMaster 4 oil pumps
  • PumpMaster 6 oil pumps
  • Pump Master 45 oil pumps
  • Pump Master 60 oil pumps
  • Oil pump connection kits
  • Oil pump kits

Air Operated Grease Pumps and Kits

  • PumpMaster 3 grease pumps
  • PumpMaster 3+3 grease pumps
  • PumpMaster 6 grease pumps
  • PumpMaster 45 grease pumps
  • PumpMaster 60 grease pumps
  • Grease pump connection kits
  • Grease pump kits

Air Operated Pumps for Other Service Fluids

  • Plastic pumps
  • Metal pumps
  • Plastic mix pumps
  • Diaphragm pump accessories
  • Air operated piston pumps for fluids


  • 501 Series Double arm hose reels
  • 506 Series Single arm hose reels
  • 507 Series Individually enclosed hose reel
  • 504 Series Double pedestal hose reels
  • 505 Series High capacity hose reels
  • 508 Series High volume hose reel
  • Compact reels for air and cable

Metering and Control Equipment

  • Control guns for oil
  • Metered control guns for oil
  • Other control guns for oil
  • In-line meters
  • Oil control gun accesories
  • Control guns for grease
  • In-line meters and accessories for grease
  • Control guns for other fluids
  • Other equipments
  • Advanced Monitoring System
  • Control Master oil monitoring system
  • Inventory management console
  • Tank alert and tank management system

Mobile Units

  • Mobile grease units with PumpMaster 3 pumps
  • Mobile grease units for drums with PumpMaster 3+3 pumps
  • Mobile grease units – shielded
  • Mobile extrusion units
  • Self contained oil dispensers
  • Mobile units oil dispensers
  • Mobile dispensers for other service fluids
  • Drum trolleys
  • Special dispensers

Stationary Pump Packages Grease and Oil

  • PumpMaster 3 grease pump packages
  • PumpMaster 3+3 grease pump packages
  • PumpMaster 2 / 1:1 pressure ratio pump packages
  • PumpMaster 2 / 3:1 pressure ratio pump packages
  • Lubrication benches
  • Field service units

Waste Oil Equipment

  • Waste oil gravity receivers, 100 litres
  • Waste oil gravity receivers, 70 litres
  • Waste oil suction units, 100 litres
  • Waste oil suction units, 24 litres and 70 litres
  • Combined waste oil suction and gravity units, 100 litres
  • Combined waste oil suction and gravity units, 70 litres
  • Special waste oil and coolant and coolant gravity receivers
  • Waste oil evacuation pump kit and accessories
  • Evacumaster waste oil suction unit
  • Autovac waste oil suction system
  • Waste oil equipment accessories
  • Evacumaster and Autovac accessories

Electric Pumps for Oil and Diesesl

  • DC Diesel pumps
  • AC Diesel pumps
  • Diesel pump accessories
  • AdBlue®/DEF pumps and kits – SOLURA series
  • DC oil pumps
  • AC oil pumps
  • High performance electric oil pumps
  • Electric oil pump packages

Lubrication and Fluid Handling. Products and Accessories

  • Grease nipples
  • Lever action grease pumps
  • Air operated, battery and manual hand held grease pumps
  • Filler pumps and fittings
  • Grease connectors and nozzles
  • Grease hoses and stems
  • Grease compressors and bucket pumps
  • Drum pumps for oil
  • Drum pumps for various fluids
  • Funnels, measures jerry cans and gravity cocks
  • Suction, spray and blow guns
  • Water guns and tyre gauges
  • Air treatment units (FRLs)
  • Air couplers
  • Connection adaptors for compressed air


  • Work benches
  • Tool cabinets and boards
  • Service trolleys
  • Accessories

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