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Power Tools

Power tools for professionals
The professional blue power tools from Bosch for trade and industry meet the highest standards in speed, precision and robustness to provide great work results.

Bosch – Cordless Tools:
Wireless Charging, a world first from Bosch, makes changing batteries a thing of the past. A worldwide unique system consisting of induction charging station and special battery with Care Charging technology. Drill/Drivers – Drywall screwdrivers – Combis – Rotary Hammers – Impact Drivers/Wrenches – Circular Saws – Jigsaws – Sabre Saws – Multi-Cutters – Multi rotary tools – Planer – Angle grinders – Shears – Dust extractors – Worklights – Band saws – Straight grinders – Radios – Angle drills – Cordless lawnmowers – Cordless hedgecutters – Cordless brushcutters – Cordless blowers – Cordless power unit – Batteries & chargers – Guide rail system – Measuring technology

Professional garden tools:
Professional cordless garden tools from Bosch deliver the performance of petrol-powered tools but without exhaust fumes and with low levels of vibration and noise.

Drills & Impact Drills:
The professional blue Bosch drills and impact drills are all-round talents for versatile use and have been developed for the highest requirements with regard to power and lifetime.

Screwdrivers & Impact Wrenches:
Bosch offers the right impact wrench and drywall screwdriver for all applications. Handy, robust professional power tools, equipped with innovative, applied state-of-the-art technology.

Rotary Hammers & Demolition Hammers:
A Bosch rotary hammer or demolition hammer meets all requirements thanks to its extremely long lifetime, premium quality and impressive power. The Bosch hammer suits any situation and any robust material.

Diamond Technology:
Bosch power tools with diamond technology offer everything you need to get through thick and thin. Whether wet or dry drilling, concrete grinding, or cutting grooves or slots in concrete, masonry and stone.

Measuring Technology:
Measuring tools from Bosch offer outstanding precision and the greatest ease of use. Due to their robustness, the digital measuring tools guarantee the most accurate results also in day-to-day construction site applications – whether it be levelling, measuring distances, angles and inclines, or detecting all different kinds of materials.

Angle grinders & Metalworking:
Bosch power tools for metalworking stand for maximum power – even in the toughest applications such as surface finishing or cutting a wide variety of materials.

Sanders & planers:
Whether high material removal rate or fine finish, large surfaces or hard-to-reach areas – Bosch offers the right power tool for any requirement in surface treatment.

Bosch is setting new standards in routing with innovative ideas, Quick and fine adjustment of the routing depth using setting wheels and exact centring of the template guide to the router bit guarantee maximum precision for any application.

Bosch multi-cutters enable perfect trimming, adjusting and repairing. The comprehensive range of accessories offers you an endless range of applications.

The right saw for any cut: whether precise rip or mitre cuts, tight curves or powerful cutting to length – Bosch saws always deliver perfect results.

Benchtop tools & stands:
Bosch benchtop saws are versatile and enable flexible use. They combine power with precision. High-torque motors and an integrated laser guide enable fast, precise work in any type of wood. The compact design and mobile saw stands ensure convenient use in any location.

Dust extraction systems:
A clean workplace is your best calling card. Wet/dry dust extractors, power tools, accessories and L-BOXXes are perfectly harmonised with each other in the Bosch Click & Clean System. The Click & Clean System offers 3 great benefits: you save time, protect your tool and your health.

Materials with different viscosity, such as paints, lacquers, concrete and mortar, can be thoroughly mixed with the powerful stirrers from Bosch.

Heat gun & glue gun:
Whether speeding up glued joints, shaping, paint removal or gluing – Bosch always offers you the optimum power tool for the best work results.

High pressure cleaners:
Bosch high-pressure washers have been developed with the aim of removing stubborn dirt under tough working conditions. Efficient cleaning results are achieved using high flow rates and high pressure.

Day after day, Metabo products prove their efficiency in professional use – in the hardest of conditions – worldwide. Where professionals give their best, they have to be able to rely 100% on a partner, even more: They have to trust that partner. Therefore “when it matters” is the core thought of our new international brand appearance, which shows the use of our tools on construction sites all over the world – authentic, illustrative, genuine. The appearance supports this with a powerful and brand-specific delivery.

Battery pack systems.
10.8 Volt class. 18 Volt class. 36 Volt class. Processing Stainless Steel.

Cordless tools.
Cordless Drill / Screwdriver. Cordless Drills. Cordless Impact Drills. Cordless Impact Wrench. Cordless drywall screwdriver.

Cutting, sanding, milling
Angle grinder. Metal processing. Stainless steel. Wood processing. Concrete, stone, plaster.

Drilling, Screwdriving, Chiselling, Stirring
Rotary and chipping hammers. Impact Drills. Drills. Cordless Drill / Screwdriver. Magnetic Core Drills.

Circular saws. Jigsaws. Mitre saws. Metal saws. Multi-tool.

Threading, Roll Grooving: Hand die stocks, quick-change die heads S, threading machines, threading device, semi-automatic threading machines, nipple holders, electric die stocks, thread-cutting oil, threading, roll grooving, roll grooving attachments, roll grooving machines.

Sawing: Electric reciprocating saws, pneumatic reciprocating pipe saw, cordless universal reciprocating saw, saw blades for reciprocating saws, circular pipe sawing machine, Electric reciprocating pipe saws, universal circular metal sawing machine.

Cutting, Chamfering, Deburring: Pipe cutters, cutter wheels, electric pipe and tubing cutter, cordless pipe and tubing cutter, pipe cutting machines, pipe shears, cordless pipe shear, pipe cutting and pipe chamfering tools, pipe deburrers.

Assembling: Swedish pattern wrenches ‘S’, water pump pliers, cordless power drill, folding work bench, material supports, battery LED lamp, hand pressure testing pump, electric pressure testing pump, electric filling and flushing units.

Bending: Hydraulic pipe bender, single-hand tube bender, electric pipe and tube bender, hand tube bender.

Radial Press Jointing: Cordless radial press Mini, pressing tongs Mini, cropping tongs Mini, manual radial press, electric radial press, electro-hydraulic radial press, cordless radial press, pressing tongs / rings, hold-harmless and indemnification agreement, cropping tongs, cable shear.

Axial Press Jointing: Cordless axial press 25 / 25 L, manual axial press, compression heads, cordless axial press 40.

Expanding, Extracting: Hand tube expander Cu, expander heads Cu, cordless tube expander Cu, one-hand tube expander, hand tube expander P, expander heads P, cordless pipe expander Q&E, electro-hydraulic pipe expander Q&E, hand tube extractor, electric tube extractor, electric tube expander.
Soldering, Brazing: Cleaning pads, electric soldering pliers, electric soldering unit, turbo soldering torches, soldering material.
Pipe and Drain Cleaning, Pipe and Drain Inspection: Endoscope camera, electronic camera inspection system, drain cleaners for manual and electric operation, electric pipe cleaning machine, electric pipe and drain cleaning machines.
Plastic Pipe Welding: Electric sleeve welding unit, sleeve welding units, butt welding machines, butt welding units.
Diamond Core Drilling, Diamond Chasing Saws: Electric diamond core drilling machines, drill stands, universal diamond core drilling crowns, universal diamond core drilling crowns LS, tile drilling, diamond chasing and cutting machine, diamond cutting discs, dry and wet extractors.

Power Tools, Construction Equipment & Compressors by Chicago Pneumatic
Chicago Pneumatic represents tools and compressors that are engineered for high performance. In addition to pioneering design, high-impact technology, and durability, Chicago Pneumatic means customer value.

Impact wrenches: Worldwide leading manufacturer of impact wrenches, CP designs tools to maximize productivity and improve operator comfort.

Ratchet wrenches: Chicago Pneumatic offers a wide range of powerful pneumatic ratchet wrenches from ¼’ to ½” square drive for every task.

Screwdrivers: Chicago Pneumatic offers a full range of screwdrivers that are rigorously engineered to meet your demands for productivity, accuracy, and durability for the more demanding applications.

Drills: Precise and powerful, Chicago Pneumatic provides the ideal range for all your heavy and general drilling tasks.

Grinders: For maximum material removal with minimum effort and high-quality finish, Chicago Pneumatic delivers robust, durable and lightweight easy-to-handle tools.

Sanders & Polishers: Chicago Pneumatic offers a complete range of sanders and polishers to suit your finishing surface applications from heavy material removal to fine finishing.

Cordless tools: Our new range of cordless tools gives you power, flexibility and autonomy without compromise. Always reliable and easy to use, our impact wrenches and drill drivers are built to become your trusted companion.

Hammers & scalers: Built to endure, Chicago Pneumatic hammers and scalers are designed to handle the toughest jobs.

Specialty tools: To respond to all of your needs, we have extended our range with specialty tools.

BlueTork nutrunners: the CP7600 range: The most reliable and ergonomic solution for Truck and Buses tire changing operations.

Pneumatic Tools
Driven by compressed air, pneumatic tools are compact and lightweight. These tools possess high torque and easy control of speed and power. Nitto Kohki currently offers 35 major pneumatic tools. Please select your application to view relevant products.

Needle Scalers
Chisel Scalers
Reciprocating Files
Reciprocating Saw
Chamfering Tools
Deburring / BURR CUTTER

Electric Tools
State-of-the-art tools pursuing ultimate functionality. Full line-up of “Task-force” models completely meeting on-site needs. We have developed lightweight, easy-to-use, powerful, efficient and high quality professional tools.

Magnetic Base Drilling Machines: ATRA ACE (Cordless), ATRA ACE (Automatic Feed), ATRA ACE (Manual Feed).
Needle Scaler.
Chamfering Tools.

Hydraulic Tools
By exploiting the advantages of hydraulic power, Nitto Kohki has introduced a series of safe and compact hydraulic tools that can be used for a variety of processes for steel.

Wall sawing
Great power that puts you in charge in every situation. We offer complete, carefully thought through, easy-to-use wall sawing systems. This gives you an outstanding possibility to find the perfect combination of machine and tool for all kinds of jobs in most building materials, bricks as well as heavily reinforce concrete.

Tough drilling made extremely fast and easy. Whether you’re drilling by hand or using a stand, the equipment must be reliable, light and easy to use. Our sophisticated drilling systems meet all these requirements. This means less strain and wasted time, and results in really efficient work.

Floor sawing
Productive machines for all types of floors and roads. Our extensive range of floor saws includes productive machines for floors, driveways, car parks, roadways, runways, new and old concrete, and asphalt. We continually develop efficient solutions, so that you are able to fulfil your requirements – both today and tomorrow.

Handheld power cutting
Enjoy highly convenient and powerful power cutting. We’re a world leader in handheld power cutters and diamond tools. The range includes petrol, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical machines. This means you can always find the perfect machine and tool for every job. So that you can work with great precision, less effort and be really efficient.

Remote demolition
The most modern way to take control of the demolition work. Our remote-controlled DXR robots are leading-edge demolition machines, featuring high power, low weight and functional design. They are the obvious choice for users who want manoeuvrable yet highly powerful, stable machines with long reach.

Wire sawing
Offering an easy solution for any difficult job. Sawing with diamond wire is the simplest and most efficient way to remove large concrete constructions, or to make holes in thick walls. There is virtually no limit in terms of sawing depth. And our unique diamond tools enable you to cut very complex structures, both in steel and heavily reinforced concrete.

Ultra Early Entry sawing
Make sure to get straight cuts, not random cracks. Husqvarna Soff-Cut is our unique patented system for Ultra Early Entry concrete sawing. The technology has a unique blade, up-cutting rotation and a skid plate applying pressure to the surface. This enables you to cut concrete within the first one or two hours of finishing and before final set. It’s the best solution for minimising the risk of random cracking, and it simplifies the working process, compared to conventional sawing.

Surface preparation
Hardening floors, and making them shine. Our surface preparation and dust collection systems create floors with magnificent properties. Our bigger machines have the patented Dual Drive Technology™, which makes them perfect for a wide range of applications. Our smaller machines are especially suitable for easy removal of putty, paint, etc. Whatever level of finish you are looking for, we have diamond tools for most materials.

Masonry and tile sawing
Easy, ergonomic, high precision cutting of bricks and blocks. Our table saws are easy to use whether you’re cutting large or small tiles, and whether you’re standing on the ground or cutting tiles up on a roof. For us it’s just as important that there’s a perfect match between the material, the machine and the diamond tool. This means that you always cut with high precision. Diamond Tools by the brilliant experts. Rock, concrete and steel are some of the hardest materials known to man. To cut through these elements with immense precision, you need something even harder – a diamond blade or diamond drill bit from the world’s leading producer.

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